Arcserve UDP is a 3-time Best of VMworld 2015 Award winner.

Gold Award winner for Disaster Recovery and Backup for Virtualized Environments

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Your job is hard. We can help.

Protect virtual servers
Manage hybrid data
Swiftly support updates

Embrace next generation virtual data backup and recovery.

The future is here—and it’s virtual.

But the efficiency and manageability you get from virtualization do you no good—zip, zilch, nada—if you can’t also recover your virtual servers and data quickly and easily.

Built to protect and reliably recover virtualized environments.

Virtualization is the single biggest thing to happen in IT in the last 10 years—and with our long history in backup, we knew we could deliver a smarter, more complete solution than the competition.

That solution is Arcserve UDP.

This is a completely new, next-generation backup and recovery architecture built from the ground up for your virtual environment.

Arcserve UDP offers:

  • Fast, simple agentless backup for vSphere, Hyper-V—and physical systems
  • Global deduplication, encryption, compression, and WAN-optimized replication
  • Backup to disk, tape, or cloud—with granular data recovery capabilities
  • Instant VM recovery in the cloud
  • Local and remote virtual standby
  • Bare metal recovery (BMR)
  • Fully-automated disaster recovery testing
  • High availability with cross-hypervisor P2V, V2V, and V2P failback
  • Centralized dashboard, reporting, and alerting
  • Software and data protection appliance options
  • DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service)

And, yes, it also supports:

  • vSphere 6
  • CBT
  • VVOL
  • VSAN
  • vCloud Air
  • Hyper-V CSV
  • And more

Revel in the benefits you get with cutting-edge tech.

Our innovative solution delivers big benefits the competition just can’t touch:

  • RTO and RPO times are measured in just minutes through image-based backup, an optional high availability module, and virtual standby
  • Best-in-class backup reliability with seamless, automated failover and failback ensures business continuity
  • Fully-automated disaster recovery testing keeps costs down—and goes beyond basic OS checks to ensure your databases, servers, and applications actually work
  • Virtual standby capabilities allow you to test data recovery in a live environment
  • Graphical, interactive dashboards make data management simple and efficient

There’s a reason why forward-thinking businesses are replacing cobbled-together, niche solutions for our single solution simplicity.

Our ethos is all about data recovery.

Sure, anyone can backup critical data, applications, and servers, but can they bring them back time and time again—and can they do it quickly?

While vendors in the data protection space may talk about Assured Recovery©, we invented it.

With award-winning Arcserve UDP, you can successfully backup and restore your virtual servers anytime, anywhere.

Manage hybrid environments with ease.

Virtualization is tremendously powerful—but it doesn’t make sense for all businesses to virtualize each and every system.

Eager early adopters found diminishing returns as they tried to virtualize that remaining 10-15%. Some applications just don’t virtualize well—legacy applications, large databases, and Microsoft Exchange, for example.

That’s why we built a solution that delivers on real-world needs.

Everything you need, plus.

Arcserve UDP does everything the very best virtualization backup solutions promise, including automated high availability, and automated disaster recovery testing—plus it offers:

  • Comprehensive physical data protection for critical, performance-sensitive information and applications that’s backed by more than 30 years of proven success
  • Tape backup for trusted data compliance
  • True global, source-side data deduplication for backup storage reductions of up to 97%—meaning you can store 33x more data compared to the leading virtual backup solution

The big benefits.

Arcserve UDP means you don’t need to purchase and train on two or more backup products. Instead, you can manage all of your virtual and physical data under a single pane of glass.

What’s more, you can:

  • Mitigate data loss risk by eliminating data protection solution complexity
  • Easily deploy in virtual, physical, and hybrid environments
  • Reduce data management and reporting labor hours
  • Slash backup storage requirements
  • Reduce bandwidth requirements
  • Improve disaster recovery through more frequent and efficient backup protection

Our sophisticated, unified data protection solution replaces complex bundles of niche solutions all the time.

That’s because Arcserve UDP allows you to do more—much more—with less. (And, we make it easy, to boot.)

Run the latest, greatest virtualization platforms and products.

When VMware and Microsoft roll out tantalizing innovations, you want to implement them—yesterday.

Your business gets added efficiency and manageability—and you get some well-deserved street cred.

This is where you need to trust your backup and recovery partner to protect your data, cover your back, and not overreach.

Simply put: Any company that promises Day 1 support clearly hasn’t tested their product. And, a leap into the abyss could mean disastrous consequences for you and your business—from backup failures to corrupted data, and worse.

It’s our job to ensure that never happens.

Rapid time to support + Reliability

Our product is consistently among the first to support virtualization platforms and updates—and it will come with assurances that those products will actually work.

Count on Arcserve UDP to support the latest hypervisor technologies, including:

  • vSphere 6 VSAN and VVOLs
  • Windows 2012 R2 Hyper-V 3.0

Arcserve UDP also promises:

  • Auto-discovery of virtual machines
  • Transparent support for offline VM backups, live VM migrations, and cluster failovers
  • Easy-to-use hypervisor cross-migration capabilities

This is a solution that fires on all cylinders—and we invite you to see for yourself.


This next generation architecture makes managing virtual and physical data a breeze.

We had moved from a physical to a virtual server environment. It was not well supported by backup vendors, so we had no way of protecting our servers.

— Ellis Karim, IT Manager

University of Cambridge needed to protect their servers—and their reputation.

How did they do it?

We had been using VMWare VDP as a recovery management solution for some time, but it was unable to match our data safety requirements.

— Francesco Deriu, Amministratore di Sisterna

Argea needed to lock down its data and implement an effective disaster recovery solution.
They did.

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You need to protect your virtual environment.

We invented the concept of Assured Recovery©.

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