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Simplify data management for mistake-free IT.

Your company hums along, until it doesn’t.

Perhaps business comes to a screeching halt because:

  • A hardware failure renders files inaccessible
  • A cyber-attack corrupts your data
  • Someone makes a mistake (not you, of course)
  • An extended power outage means you can’t access customer databases

And, this is your opportunity to rise to the challenge.

With Arcserve UDP, you’ll have the tools you need to successfully recover your data and get critical business systems up-and-running quickly.

We get it, Clark Kent—you’re the invisible data hero. And, now is that defining moment when everybody finally remembers your name.

Work smarter, not harder.

Arcserve UDP is the complete and easy backup and recovery solution that’s robust enough for the big guys, but simple enough for a single IT generalist to manage.

And, it all starts with successfully automating the complex, repetitive, and painful tasks that introduce risk and make your job unnecessarily demanding.

Simplify your job with:

  • Easy to set-up backup plans—even to remote locations
  • Automated failover for high availability
  • Simple bare metal recovery
  • Responsive solution support

Stress less. Arcserve UDP is here to help you avoid a high-visibility mistake. And it’s available as software, appliance, and offers a Disaster Recovery as a Service option.

Save the day with dead-simple backup and recovery.

Let’s face it, backups are a pain. Worse, as you bundle niche solutions, your data recovery plans become inherently more complex.

And, complexity means more risk—much more.

What’s more, when you work for a resource-conscious organization, you may lack the policies, processes, and technologies to thoroughly test the recoverability of your data.

Arcserve UDP gives you that capability.

Easy backup and recovery you can rely on.

Supported by Assured Recovery features, you’ll have confidence in your ability to successfully recover physical and virtual data when things do go wrong.

That’s because Arcserve UDP allows you to:
  • Conduct RPO and RTO testing without business system disruption
  • Automate disaster recovery testing

And, when you automate DR testing, you save time and money:

  • Giving you the flexibility to test more frequently
  • Increasing the probability that you’ll discover architecture changes that might threaten data recovery down the line

(A better night’s sleep? You’ll get that, too.)

Reliable backup trusted around the world

Arcserve is a highly-reliable data backup and recovery solution—and we have the credentials to prove it:


of proven performance in the data backup industry


in 150 countries

Best of Show
VMworld 2015 Europe

Best Virtualization for Disaster Recovery Project
VMworld 2015 Europe

Disaster Recovery and Backup for Virtualized Environments
Gold Award

VMworld 2015 US

Networked Storage Readers’ Choice Award
Computerworld Singapore 2015

Radically easy backup and recovery.
Take a look for yourself.

Virtual backup headaches?

See a virtual machine backed up, lickety-split.

Exchange heartburn?

Watch Exchange emails and mailboxes come back, fast.

Files and folders giving you a facial tic?

Follow along as we bring them back.

Avoid throwing good money after bad.

Assessing data protection solutions is a lot like comparing apples to elephants.

And if you’re a cost-conscious medium-sized business or a small one with big ideas, you’ll need to determine which solution will protect all of your data and scale as your business grows—without expensive add-ons.

Beware the landmines.

Most data protection software solutions fall woefully short. They:

  • Enable you to backup data from a single site, but don’t always provide built-in replication to another disaster recovery site
  • Protect physical systems well, but not virtual—or vice versa
  • Don’t allow you to backup data to the cloud
  • Can only backup to disk or tape, but not both
  • Don’t offer you the choice of software, appliance, or cloud

Arcserve UDP frees you from complexity.

This single, unified solution makes it simple to manage data:

  • On-site and off-site
  • On disk, tape, and in the cloud
  • In physical, virtual, and hybrid environments
  • At remote offices
  • With software or an all-in-one appliance

And, it offers great time-to-value.

To put it simply, Arcserve UDP is the best data protection solution in its class—and it comes in at a great value point.

The big benefits of Arcserve UDP?

Simple enough for the one-person IT department, yet comprehensive enough for enterprise, Arcserve UDP let’s you:

  • Manage all of your physical and virtual data under a single pane of glass
  • Slash backup storage requirements by up to 97% with true global, source-side data deduplication
  • Reduce backup times and bandwidth requirements
  • Easily migrate servers and data from P2P, P2V, V2V, and V2P
  • Scale your coverage with the push of a button

Money doesn’t grow on trees, so a smart choice that controls IT costs now—and into the future—is critical.

You’ve got challenges? They had them, too.
Read their stories.

Not only were we at risk from tapes or tape drives failing and losing data, but the system relied on someone manually running the backup and taking tapes offsite every day

— Tomás Mac Eoin, Director

The solution: Automated backups and replication to a virtualized server.

Now, McKeon Group no longer worries about lost time, money, and clients as a result of data loss.

We had been using VMWare VDP as a recovery management solution for some time, but it was unable to match our data safety requirements.

— Francesco Deriu, Amministratore di Sisterna

Argea needed to lock down its data and implement an effective disaster recovery solution.

They did.

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