Award-winning virtual server backup

Virtually eliminate downtime across cloud, VMs, Linux, and Windows with industry-acclaimed VM backup.

Safeguard your entire virtual and physical infrastructure

Server virtualization has become pervasive in most organizations, and while it offers many technical and cost-saving advantages, it also increases the challenge of protecting varied applications installed on VMs.

The solution to delivering effective VM backup is not to add more complexity with multiple point solutions, but rather to take a holistic approach to your entire infrastructure and deploy a solution that protects every form of data.

Advanced innovation, powered by Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP)

Shed complexity and costs

Reduce the cost and maintenance of managing complex point solutions with one platform designed to fully protect hybrid cloud, virtual, and physical infrastructures. Organizations enjoy breakthrough VM backup technologies, while managing all aspects of their data protection strategy from a single, elegantly simple user console.

Increase VM resiliency

Add resilience to your virtual environment with award-winning VM backup capabilities, including: agentless backup and recovery for VMware and Hyper-V environments, V2V failover/failback, P2V migration, and advanced cloud-based high availability and disaster recovery.

Eliminate data loss

Easily address shorter RPO/RTO windows with local and virtual remote standby, and full system high availability that restores data in seconds—not minutes. Small and overstretched IT teams leverage continuous full system replication for near-instant recovery of an entire system—including business applications, files, and data.

Guarantee recoverability

Ensure data is fully protected with automated testing across physical, virtual, and cloud-based replica servers, without business downtime or impact to production systems. Service-level reporting provides evidence of system recoverability for internal stakeholders.

Remove the gaps in your VM backup strategy

Arcserve UDP was designed from the ground up to defend any form of data, enabling small and overstretched IT teams to safeguard both virtual and physical infrastructures. As the first solution to uniquely converge high-performance data availability capabilities often found in multiple point products, Arcserve eliminates the need for any other data protection solution.

Organizations fiercely protect mixed environments while removing complexity from their IT ecosphere with advanced VM data protection capabilities:

Increase the speed and agility of recovery with instant bare metal restore, instant VM recovery, and full system high availability across virtual and physical systems
Lower costs with rapid, agent-based and agentless backups of vSphere and Hyper-V, and virtual-to-virtual (V2V) and virtual-to-physical (V2P) restores
Meet the most aggressive RPOs/RTOs with local or remote virtual standby, and enjoy continuous full system replication for near-instant recovery of an entire system
Get enterprise storage array snapshot integration for high performance, low-impact snapshots of virtual and physical production servers
Reduce your backup storage footprint by up to 95%, and benefit from the lowest cost-per-protected TB in the industry with true global deduplication

“The RPS replication capability is exactly what we’d been looking for. It enables our clients to do backup in the cloud, as well as DR in the cloud, without bandwidth issues, thanks to the Global Deduplication feature.”

Sean Dendle, Director

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