Stay fully equipped for the new world of compliance

The globalization of business introduces new and complex compliance requirements that if not upheld, threaten organizations with costly fines, litigation, and loss of credibility. Stay compliant and meet long-term retention targets for a variety of regulations, including GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, and ITAR.

Meet regulatory compliance mandates – no matter how strict

Global organizations invest significant time and resources into keeping their data legally sound. Arcserve helps businesses all over the world comply with national, regional, and industry-specific mandates centered on the protection, collection, and use of customer data.

Manage Legal Compliance Risk

Managing the GDPR process

  • GDPR gives EU citizens the right to find out if a company has their data, how it’s being used, and request the “right to be forgotten,” or removal of their personal information. Arcserve has developed a dedicated role for the Data Protection Officer (DPO) to manage the GDPR process, including access to the company’s archive to view all email records, set policies, perform steps for Subject Access Requests (SARs), and maintain proactive and reactive control of the data.

Full system safety and reliability

  • Alleviate concerns about data safety. Arcserve Cloud data centers exceed industry standards for security, integrity, resiliency, availability, and performance. In fact, they’re some of the safest and impenetrable facilities in the world, featuring over a dozen proven security measures, including biometric security, mantrap entry, multi-tier encryption, self-healing storage, role-based access control, and data anonymity.

Limitless scalability

  • While the benefits of storing data are numerous and often required, doing so with traditional solutions can become a huge cost center. Arcserve addresses this by offering a variety of solutions with near-limitless scale to cost-effectively grow storage right along with your data. Extend protection to remote offices around the world, scaling up or down on demand.

Battle-tested solutions

  • Support corporate and regulatory compliance by maintaining full protection of your systems and applications, with options to meet any need ranging from email archiving to continuous data replication for high availability. Easily test the recoverability of business data and increase stakeholder transparency with advanced granular reporting.

Anywhere your company operates

  • One of the most demanding compliance mandates to date, the European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies to every company that processes the personal data of individuals residing in the EU, regardless of the company’s location. This includes every business with EU operations or those processing the personal information of EU customers, such as through online sales. Arcserve is a member of the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework, our data centers are located in the countries designated by Article 45(1) of the GDPR, and our powerful, compliance-driven technology was designed with specific capabilities to address GDPR compliance, among other regulations.

Arcserve’s Business Continuity Cloud, powered by a unified, cloud-based management interface, helps you manage your legal compliance risk from your clouds and premises.


Choose from a full range of capabilities to cost-effectively address your unique business needs, and eliminate layers of disparate tools without sacrificing usability.

Find the solution that’s right for you

Arcserve Email Archiving Cloud

  • Protect email records and simplify compliance with email on-premises, or private and public clouds
  • Optimize storage and increase performance by storing archived email in a location independent of the primary mail system
  • Eliminate time spent counting employees by protecting unlimited mailboxes and only paying for the storage you use

Arcserve UDP

  • Streamline your IT environment and mobilize your budget with heterogeneous protection to/from anywhere
  • Increase speed and agility with instant VM recovery, bare-metal restore (BMR), enterprise storage array snapshot support, and virtual standby
  • Guarantees system resiliency with built-in, fully-automated and non-disruptive testing/reporting

Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct

  • Benefit from cloud economies of scale and flexibility with hardware-free, cloud-native backup and recovery as a service (BaaS/DRaaS)
  • Keeps your distributed infrastructures available with sub 5-min RTOs and sub 15-min RPOs
  • Eradicate the effects of ransomware with continuous third-party vulnerability scans, SSL encryption, data rewind, and other controls

Arcserve Replication and High Availability

  • Eliminate downtime entirely with real-time LAN and WAN replication for data onsite, offsite, and in the cloud
  • Remove the limitations of your failover strategy with cascading high availability
  • Prevent data loss with real-time server and application monitoring, data rewind, automated end-user redirection, and push-button failback

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