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Arcserve Replication & High Availability

When downtime happens, every moment counts. Arcserve Replication and High Availability technology delivers access to your critical data and systems in just seconds, for true business continuity.

Uptime is peace of mind

Never mind the “end of the world” disaster scenarios – the reality of downtime is much more common, mundane, and often caused by failed hardware components or human error.

With Arcserve Replication and High Availability, reducing system downtime and data loss has never been easier. You maintain complete availability across virtual and physical server systems with powerful capabilities that have one common purpose: to keep your business up and running. Confidently deliver on the most stringent service-level agreements (SLAs) with real-time LAN and WAN replication for data onsite, offsite, and in the cloud. Use data rewind to reverse changes made to an application or the OS files, and preserve business operations with automatic and push-button failover, automated end-user redirection, and push-button failback.

When systems go down, all eyes are on you

Eliminate business downtime and meet demanding SLAs that traditional backup and recovery solutions alone can’t satisfy:

  • Maintain complete availability across virtual and physical server systems, with access to data in seconds.
  • Prevent data loss from unplanned outages and ransomware events with real-time replication and data rewind. Go back to any known, good point in time and quickly recover lost files, data, and databases.
  • Guarantee system resiliency with automated, non-disruptive system availability testing. Schedule “lights-out” periodic testing of your failover environment without disrupting the production environment.
  • Remove the limitations of your failover strategy with cascading high availability. Configure failover scenarios to more than one replica server, and design a combined local and remote failover strategy, or one with combined local and remote/MSP resources.
  • Overcome bandwidth constraints with WAN optimization capabilities like compression, bandwidth throttling, multi-stream replication, periodic replication, and offline synchronization.

How it works

Arcserve Replication and High Availability synchronizes the data on your Windows, Linux, and UNIX production servers and a second physical or virtual replica server that you provision locally, at any remote location, or in the cloud. Full System Protection for Windows automates the provisioning for your replica server, using a virtual server, to speed up deployment.

Once synchronized, byte-level changes are continuously replicated from your production to replica server. Application-aware replication, real-time server and application monitoring, automatic and push-button failover, automated end-user redirection, and push-button failback functionality are all designed to provide maximum system uptime.  

Unlike complex distributed cluster and storage area network (SAN) replication solutions, you get availability for systems and data in one single solution.

Deliver true application and system availability without worrying about recovery time or data loss

Customer Success Spotlight

Achieve IT resilience with application availability

SBL Safeguards Business Continuity with Arcserve Solutions

SBL needed to safeguard customer service levels by minimizing the potential impact of unplanned system downtime and data loss on its expanding business. Read how the company benefits from Arcserve Replication and High Availability to protect five terabytes of business-critical data.

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The Arcserve Advantage

Created with the utmost in usability and design

Like all our solutions, Arcserve Replication and High Availability was developed to deliver a consumer-grade user experience. That’s why you can manage its robust capabilities with a few quick clicks on a single management interface.

Backed by deeply knowledgeable product support

Our teams are among the most experienced in the data protection industry – expertise we pour into supporting our customers and partners.

Profitable for channel partners

Channel partners can profitably adopt and manage Arcserve Replication and High Availability to support customers who have limited resources but require the highest level of protection for vital business systems.
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