Arcserve Promotions Playlist

1. The Appliance Must Go On

Arcserve is here for you to find the will to carry on

Appliances must go on… to the latest and greatest 8000 series, where they are bigger, faster and stronger. Upgrade your 7000 series appliances to one of our 8000 series* and get 50% off. Yep, half the price! P.S. You get to keep your 7000 appliances.

Need more reasons to move on?
  1. Because we are giving you 50% off the 8000 series*
  2. Because you are dealing with increasingly complex systems and expectations
  3. Because you are always looking for ways to make your day a little less stressful

Go on, what are you waiting for? Give us a call to take advantage of this great offer.

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2. Cloud Direct Only

There is no stopping us at Arcserve with Arcserve Cloud Direct. Backup directly to our Cloud, go for the Cloud Hybrid option or hosted Cloud Archiving - entirely up to you. Buy 1TB cloud storage get the other free, with no limit to the capacity.

If you want to have a good time in the Cloud, just give us a call!

Disasters don’t stop, so we won’t stop recovering them all!

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3. I Want The 5th Year Free

Do you want a break from the 4-year maintenance and get the 5th year for free?

Arcserve knows you want the 5th year for free, so, consider it done.

We are offering the 5th year of maintenance for free when you purchase 4 years of maintenance on any product from the Arcserve portfolio.

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