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Easily manage complex data while cutting costs and reducing risk.

As your company grows, so does the complexity of your IT environment. You’ve got vast amounts of physical and virtual data onsite, offsite, and in the cloud.

And, to manage it all, you’ve likely implemented a range of passable niche solutions, like virtual backup, legacy tape backup, Linux backup, and high availability software.

That’s a seriously complex IT environment—and it brings some pretty serious downsides with it, including:

  • Bloated investments of time and staff to manage complex data stores
  • Cascading IT department training expenses to develop highly-specialized skills
  • Swelling IT infrastructure costs for multiple data protection software purchases and maintenance renewal fees
  • Increasing data loss risk as IT infrastructure complexity grows
  • Expanding likelihood of compatibility issues—and expensive testing required to identify them
  • The multi-vendor blame game when something goes wrong (aka IT Hell)

These are the daily pains you face—and it’s your job to resolve them.

Arcserve is your partner in simplicity.

Because Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP) is both a comprehensive and unified solution, it eliminates the issues you currently battle on a daily basis in one fell swoop, delivering :

  • Unified protection for physical, virtual, and hybrid environments
  • One single data protection software system to train your staff on
  • An easy-to-use unified management console that empowers IT generalists to manage your complex IT environment
  • Highly-scalable protection that grows when you do
  • Deployment so easy you’ll have time to read up on industry trends or knock off early for lunch

This is rock-solid, enterprise-class data protection software.

Arcserve UDP offers the most unified data protection architecture on the market—and it gives you everything your team needs to manage business data. Everything.

  • True global data deduplication
  • WAN-optimized, multi-site replication
  • Assured Recovery
  • High availability
  • Virtual standby
  • Bare metal recovery
  • Image-based backup
  • Cloud backup
  • Tape backup

What’s more, automated backup, failover, and testing reduces data management time—and saves you money.

Consider the typical DR test. A medium-sized business will shell out a whopping $50,000 to run a single test.

With automated DR testing, however, you can dramatically cut that cost. And, as costs come down, you can schedule the DR tests you need to identify configuration drift more frequently.

In the end, your entire IT team will have added confidence in their ability to recover critical business data when disaster strikes.

The Arcserve solution is also available as an appliance and offers a Disaster Recovery as a Service cloud option.

Jump in—the water’s fine.

As an early adopter of new IT technologies, you’re faced with a risk/reward scenario—and it’s your neck on the line.

Will the solution scale? Is it highly complex? Can it manage multiple sites—and will you need to purchase expensive add-ons?

Without a proven history, it can be hard to know.

That’s where Arcserve is different.

While Arcserve UDP may be a recent entry into the market, this next generation solution is backed by our 25-year history in the data protection industry.

This is the simple, all-in-one data protection software you’ve been looking for. It will scale at the turn of a dial and allow you to easily manage your complex IT environment, whether you’re dealing with three sites or 20.

Seeing is believing.

Arcserve UDP doesn’t require a leap of faith—it’s tried and true.

Watch our videos and see Arcserve UDP in action for yourself. Read our case studies and take a look at our awards.

Then, kick our tires with your free Arcserve UDP or UDP Appliance trial.

Dead simple backup and recovery.
Watch Arcserve UDP in action.

Virtual backup headaches?

See a virtual machine backed up, lickety-split.

Exchange heartburn?

Watch Exchange emails and mailboxes come back, fast.

Files and folders giving you a facial tic?

Follow along as we bring them back.

Count on top-notch solution support.

So, you’re not as big as an enterprise business—and your IT department isn’t a behemoth. That doesn’t mean you can get by without quality support to manage your sizeable, complicated IT environment.

When an issue arises, your staff can’t be sitting on hold listening to long stretches of Barry Manilow covers, only to find that the vendor is pointing its finger at another.

And, that’s if you get through.

If you’re paying for an enterprise-class solution, but not spending millions with a single vendor, you may not be able to get their attention when things do go wrong.

With Arcserve UDP, you won’t have to worry about that.

Arcserve offers high quality support for all businesses, big or small. And, since Arcserve UDP is a single, comprehensive solution, you never have to worry that we’ll wave our hands and insist, “Not our problem—talk to the other guy.”

Your problem is our problem, and we’re here to help.

Make the most of your IT budget—while keeping a lid on costs.

The IT budget—and the impacts of your department’s performance on business continuity—fall within your domain.

In the end, it’s your neck if you unknowingly make a bad call.

So, how do you trim the fat and deliver on your performance objectives when faced with software and hardware purchases, maintenance contracts, IT staff salaries, and training expenses?


Keep software costs down with single solution simplicity.

If you’re buying multiple data backup or high availability solutions, you’re paying too much up front—and on an ongoing basis.

Maybe a vendor lured you in with attractive pricing to win your business, but now they’re raking you over the coals with pricey maintenance renewal fees.

Or, perhaps you purchased a solution to solve an immediate need, only to find you must keep going back to purchase additional features and functionality.

Not with Arcserve UDP.

This is one simple, cost-effective solution that includes everything you should ever need and more—standard.

And, that means:

  • Your data protection software is easier to manage, maintain, and cheaper to purchase
  • You can operate with fewer staff and reduce training costs, as you don’t require specialized skills
  • You reduce costly data loss risk

Arcserve also offers flexible licensing options, so you can choose the one that’s a best fit for your IT environment.

Clients save time—and money—with single solution simplicity.

We began to shop around for a new backup solution, first reaching out to Symantec, EMC and CommVault. I found that their solutions were quite a bit more expensive than I expected, and was also turned off because they did not offer any trial versions.

— Mark Mueller, Senior Electronic Delivery Analyst

San Mateo Credit Union needed to protect their data—without breaking the bank.
How did they do it?

We were moving to virtual servers, but our previous solution was only capable of backing up physical servers, which would have left a big gap in our recovery management strategy.

— Nathan Prisk, Head of Technology and Innovation at FX Plus

Falmouth and Exeter universities needed a simple solution that would ensure their physical and virtual data was protected.
They got one.

Award-winning data protection software

“Arcserve is the closest to feature-complete that you’re likely to see in the backup space.”

— VMworld judges

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Eliminate budget-consuming complexity

When you tack niche solutions together, you introduce vulnerability into your data protection environment and drive up costs.

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Embrace virtualization for greater efficiency

Virtualization allows you to simplify data management and cut costs—and new technologies are making it easier than ever.

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All-in-one hardware + software

The easy-to-use UDP Appliance gives you plug-and-play data protection. So easy, in fact, that you can unbox and deploy in just 15 minutes.

Get up-and-running fast, so you can get down to business.

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