Caunton ensures business continuity with Arcserve UDP and Arcserve Cloud

Caunton is a leading UK structural steelwork contractor. From its Nottingham-based plant it offers a one-stop solution for construction firms, from design to painting and manufacturing of steelwork.

Any downtime in manufacturing or design could have a major financial impact on the business and its customers. With its existing solution taking more than three days to perform a full backup, Caunton needed a faster, more reliable solution.

With Arcserve UDP, data is automatically backed up each day in less than an hour. Data is also replicated to Arcserve Cloud as part of Caunton’s disaster recovery (DR) plan. With a fast, reliable backup and DR solution, Caunton has reduced the risks of downtime or loss of work, as well as damage to its finances and reputation. The IT team can also now spend more time improving services and support for users.

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バックアップ、レプリケーション、HA、ノード間の重複排除などの標準搭載の機能で、重要なビジネスデータを完全に保護します。 あらゆる環境を単一の統合コンソールから、簡単で一貫した操作で管理できます。