An interesting trend in data protection is the premium customers are paying for Linux solutions that are fully supported. There’s a wealth of open-source solutions for Linux systems that do basic snapshotting and data protection, but many customers are willing to pay for the quality of a fully-supported solution.

Years ago, it was widely assumed that Linux solutions wouldn’t cost as much as data protection or productivity solutions on other operating systems because of the open-source background of the operating system and developers. But that often wasn’t the case.

In fact, it quickly becomes clear that Linux solutions aren’t necessarily priced lower than those solutions supporting UNIX or Microsoft Windows. In some cases, they are priced higher.

Another interesting trend today is virtualization and the adoption of Linux appliances and servers because of their low cost of ownership. However, when it comes to reliability and the assurance that machines are protected, it isn’t necessarily a good idea to expect a similarly low cost of protection.

But full support and high confidence doesn’t have to break that bank. For instance, check out the CA Arcserve D2D for Linux solution we are announcing today.

CA Arcserve D2D for Linux complements our fast, image-based backup for Microsoft Windows and our file-based, tape-supporting CA Arcserve Backup product that has protected Linux for years. It also adds some new functionality that we think Linux admins will really appreciate, such as unattended bare metal recovery that lets customers completely refresh a downed Linux server remotely without ever physically touching it.

And like our other products, it fully supports both physical and virtual environments. Plus, customers can license it in a variety of ways, depending on their budget and other data protection needs.

The bottom line is that mission-critical data, wherever it resides, is priceless.

Having real confidence that it is protected is always worth the investment.