Back in December 2014, I had the pleasure of attending the Women of the Channel Winter Workshop in New York City. The workshop was a 2 day event that brought women together from all over North America in the high tech channel industry and is for women who are leaders in the technology business, driving sales, marketing, and channel and partner Solutions. I was privileged to be a part of such an inspiring event for women where we were in an environment to share insight, network, find mentors, and discuss personal and professional growth. This event was really important to me because in our industry today, females have to learn to optimize their business value in innovative ways, particularly in a male dominated field. This event connected me with females who are pioneers and have worked their way up the ladder to leadership roles. The passion, accomplishments, and energy filled the room during the conferences and brought forth the effective message on how we could achieve our goals not only professionally, but personally as well. The speakers were especially impactful in sending the message of building your career, at the same time as leveraging technology to impact customers, partners, and employees. The message of staying relevant in these areas helps to break down barriers to reach goals and produce results.

One particular speaker really stood out to me, and had an inspiring set of rules, or as she called them, “Carla’s Pearls” for success. Carla Harris is one of the most respected business women and has been highly effective in her career. Like all of us, she has had her own personal missteps, particularly working her way up to a senior management position (her goal) but she wanted to be the person others went to for advice on how to reach the top; through her experience she is that person today. She is the current Vice Chairman at Morgan Stanley, and also an accomplished gospel singer (we got to hear her sing…she truly is multi-talented!!). “Carla’s Pearls” outlined a set of rules that I am working to follow on personally, but more importantly in my career at Arcserve; including:

  • Being a client-focused sales leader
  • Utilizing your resources and or relationships to collectively meet your customer’s needs (and your own…personal goal)
  • Be comfortable taking risks; don’t let fear be a barrier to success
  • Have the expectation that you will do well

Collectively the lessons learned truly inspired me to leverage innovations we at Arcserve are creating today with our newest Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution, Unified Data Protection, UDP, as well as our upcoming UDP Backup Appliance. The way we are innovating in our field, really sets us apart from our competition, and makes Arcserve a game changer in Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions available.