Over the past few years, we have seen virtualization use cases expand from the edge of the network infrastructure, mostly in development and Q/A circles, to being front and center as a critical business tool providing consolidation of resources and significant cost savings. (A recent 2013 report by JP Morgan estimated that upwards of 60% of all x86 workloads are now virtualized.) When new technologies hit the market that solve significant business problems, regardless of the size of the business, that technology tends to spawn additional markets in support of it to expand or manage its added functionality.

This is exactly what we are seeing with virtualization, offshoot markets offering with everything from the management of virtual environments to competing hypervisors to solutions to protect the data inside of the virtual machines. Let’s focus on the protection of these virtual environments for now.

Very few environments are 100% virtualized and there are zero signs of this trend changing much in the coming years. Put a different way, the majority of the world has applications and data that are crucial to the business residing on both physical and virtual machines. Data protection vendors have spent the last decade listening to frustrated administrators talk about how complicated it is to backup and protect their environments and how it doesn’t need to be that way.

At CA Technologies, we agree. You should be able to manage the protection of your virtual and physical environments from a single solution. Why create confusion, introduce additional levels of complexity and added costs by having dedicated data protection solutions for your virtual and physical environments? If your backup and data protection solutions can’t protect both your physical and your virtual environments, our advice is you need to find a different solution. Businesses cannot afford to be down while determining what application is protecting what data and where it resides, etc. You need solutions that protect your entire IT infrastructure, whether physical or virtual, with similar levels of protection to meet the demands of your business – even if that business demands long-term storage of that virtual data to tape.

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