I had the opportunity to head over to San Francisco and attend the VMworld conference late last month. One thing you can say about VMworld is that it is a Massive event… basically 20,000 “technically inclined” people taking over downtown San Francisco for 5 days!!

For me, it was a great opportunity to meet with my customers face to face, shake hands and chat about our favorite topic: data protection! I would say that 90% of the people that with whom I had conversations at the show were familiar with Arcserve, and more often than not, used Arcserve at some point in their IT careers. It was funny to see folks walk by the booth and do a double –take when they saw the Arcserve banner and ask, “are you the same ARCserve I used in the 90’s with Novell?”  Joking aside, what a really a nice testimonial for a data protection product that has been around over 20 years. And yes, we are  getting people’s attention.  It was impressive to see the attendee feedback when they saw the new Arcserve UDP interface, and how far we really have come over the years. Also, I was pleased to hear first hand how well we are doing product-wise compared to some our competitors. Unified rocks!

As a “new” company, I think it was important for Arcserve to make a showing, if not a splash, at the show. This was our opportunity to show the IT professionals of the world that not only is Arcserve alive and doing well, but also in the data protection and recovery business to stay. So, thank you to all of you who stopped by, and let’s chat so I can show you what Arcserve Unified Data Protection can do for you!

Alex Ivanoff

Arcserve – Sr. Enterprise Account Manager