As I suggested in previous posts, a fundamental change is necessary to fix data protection.  It requires the adoption of a new kind of architecture designed to solve today’s problems, but also be prepared for tomorrow’s.  With current data growth trends anyone can easily observe, it has to be a highly scalable platform for the future.

The next-generation data protection solution cannot compromise when it comes to features:  completeness is essential. This means a solution that ideally combines all the core technologies of data protection and recovery: image backup, file-level backup, advanced scheduling, physical, virtual, tape, replication, high availability, deduplication etc. It’s a long list, and one that only a few vendors can successfully handle with individual products, let alone all in one solution.

Taking more of an operational view, another way to look at this is that every organization should be able to benefit from the best levels of protection and recoverability, something that seemingly was only reserved for the largest enterprises. The right innovation can get us there.

Innovation is about offering what was limited to the few to a broader audience, and that’s exactly what next generation IT solutions need to do: innovate by delivering enterprise-level features at a fraction of the cost, and with ease of use.

And a specific technical feature like backup or replication should be considered a “conclusion”, not a starting point.

What matters is being able to map the data protection or recovery level to the business need. Reverse engineering business or IT requirements to match the available technical capability is a sure way to miss the mark. A modern solution lets customers or service providers easily create plans on the basis of their recovery objectives (RPO and RTO) just as if they were simply turning a dial. Why not let the right technology kick in based on business or IT requirements?  Pie in the sky?   Maybe…maybe not.

In the next few weeks, I will keep exploring these requirements. Be prepared for some interesting surprises.