Since starting in my new position, I have had the opportunity to travel around the county-meeting with CA Technologies RMDM team members and with a number of our partners.  I have consistently been impressed not only with the talent of the people I have met, but with their passion, enthusiasm, and interest in creating and capitalizing on new opportunities.

At the recent Global Technology Distribution Council summit, our top distributors explained how they’re becoming more than just product brokers for their customers—our resellers—by providing more value-added business services.

They’re also helping resellers pursue the various MSP, integration and services opportunities that are resulting from the emergence of the cloud market.  These opportunities will clearly be critical for our collective long-term success-because end customers will need a lot of support as they try to piece together complete solutions using both on-premise and off-premise resources.  Businesses are trying to capitalize on the tectonic shift driving the simplification of IT while, at the same time, they are adding complexity with more data, applications, infrastructure and devices.

This conflict is driving—and in many cases forcing—vendors, distributors, partners and IT staff to think differently.  Sure, appliance-based cloud implementations and shared services will facilitate simplified adoption models, but they will also introduce new challenges that must be addressed.

In turn, solutions such as Arcserve must continue to manage heterogeneous data storage requirements and do so in a way that reduces and/or eliminates the RTO window.  I am delighted to hear that our partners believe we are headed down the right path with Arcserve.

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