While we are all preparing for World Backup Day on March 31, I’d like to suggest we need to do far more than just back up.

We’re coming off a tumultuous season where Sandy took out the Northeast in just a few days and blizzard snow conditions repeatedly disrupted the Midwest and New England. Now we’re heading into hurricane and tornado season in the South and West, and we always face the uncertainty of fire, flood and even more catastrophic events. Even simple theft of IT resources could bring a company to its knees overnight.

For decades, IT staff has relied on backup software for data protection and recovery. But as recent events demonstrate, business demands for faster recovery and less risk of data loss require IT to perform far more than just simple backups.

While backup remains the core of data protection strategies, using complementary technologies like Bare Metal Recovery (BMR), Virtual Standby, Replication and Host-based High Availability can make the difference between employees twiddling their thumbs for hours waiting for systems to be restored, and getting back to work in minutes to avoid disruptions in sales, service, operations and customer satisfaction. Using these technologies in conjunction with remote facilities like a remote datacenter or office, a MSP hosting site, or even a public cloud can provide a real disaster recovery and business continuity solution that could mean the difference between staying in business and going out of business when a disaster like Sandy strikes.

Ask yourself, is basic backup and recovery really going to meet your business needs and goals when unplanned outages and data loss occur? You can avoid or at least reduce the cost and impact of business downtime by planning better and adopting cost-effective technologies. Solutions like CA ARCserve® deliver all these technologies together in a single solution that protects your physical and virtual systems, applications and data across your business. Start planning today.