It’s hard to believe just how quickly the past 8 months have passed since launching the Arcserve Unified Data Protection solution, and the overall response to UDP has been fantastic. More than 5,000 companies are protecting their production IT environments with UDP, which is a pretty amazing adoption rate for a new data protection solution!

What’s especially rewarding is to discover how UDP delivers significant business value to these companies, whether they are an SMB, enterprise or Managed Service Provider.

Two good examples of the power of Arcserve UDP in action are Cork City Council and a large financial institution based in Asia.

Cork City Council

Cork City Council in Ireland provides a diverse range of services to over 150,000 citizens of Cork. As is the case with many local authorities, Cork City Council was struggling to deliver and maintain service levels because of ever-increasing volumes of data, VMs, limited storage capacity and budget, as well as needing to manage a mixed physical/virtual IT environment. They also needed to move away from tape backup as the primary backup method to a more efficient, disk image-based approach with deduplication, which is where Arcserve UDP came to the rescue.

Arcserve UDP now protects Cork City Council’s data across 56 virtual VMware servers, including 10 Linux servers and 5 physical Windows systems. A total of 10TB of data is being protected, including a wide range of applications such as Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, a JD Edwards financial system, CRM, etc. Deduplication means 1.1TB of daily incremental changes require only 142GB of storage.

With Arcserve UDP, Cork City Council can now:

  • Reduce storage consumption and costs: The council has freed up 35% of its storage capacity as well as IT time. It now has the capacity to provision new virtual servers and systems that improve staff productivity and the delivery of public services.
  • Ensure continuous secure access to information: Arcserve UDP’s easy-to-use interface helps the authority recover data more quickly and easily while seeing the status of all backups at a glance within a single screen.
  • Optimize employee productivity: UDP has allowed better use of the council’s resources by allowing other work to be dispersed across the team. Time has been freed up, allowing the team to take on new tasks that will benefit the council and its users and safeguard the quality of service for its 900 users and citizens.


Asian Financial Institution

Even though I can’t talk about this large global bank based in Singapore and division of a very large Japanese financial services customer by name, I can describe its experience since moving to Arcserve UDP.

The Japanese parent company had standardized on Arcserve to protect all of its Windows-based application servers, as Arcserve Backup is the leading backup solution in Japan; however, this particular division had also been using a number of other backup and availability solutions in addition to Arcserve Backup. As the number of application servers had increased over the years, accountability and manageability of the different types of backup and availability software had become a significant challenge.

In addition, an entirely new IT infrastructure was also being planned, with hundreds of physical servers, several hundred virtual servers, and hundreds of TBs of storage, etc. It was evident that a new backup and disaster recovery architecture and solution that could protect all business-critical systems, applications and data was required.

Given the situation, the business application owner decided to replace the various, existing backup and availability solutions with a single, unified solution that could provide disk-based backup and real-time data replication of critical applications and data from production site to DR site. Following an extensive evaluation period, Arcserve UDP was chosen as the best overall solution to protect the new environment, with the key deciding factors being the simplicity, scalability, efficiency and usability of Arcserve UDP.

Today the customer uses Arcserve UDP to provide backup, disaster recovery and high availability for hundreds of servers, backing up hundreds of TBs to disk and tape, all of which is centrally managed from the UDP management console. In addition, global deduplication, compression and WAN optimized replication across each site has reduced storage array costs because of the significantly reduced need for backup storage capacity and array-based replication licenses.

So, whether you’re a small, medium or large business, Arcserve UDP could be the just the right data protection and availability solution for you.

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