We recently commissioned Asia Online Publishing Group to conduct a survey to access the Data Protection practice in APAC and how it compares with the world. The idea was to take a close look at the Data Protection landscape and assist IT managers and backup administrators to understand how their counterparts around the region were managing their data protection strategies.

By identifying specific trends, we were hoping that IT managers and backup administrators would gain insight into technologies they might want to consider as part of their evolving data protection strategies. It would be also useful for channel partners to develop the right approach towards engaging their customers and help educate and guide the APAC IT community in areas that will help them develop their own data protection strategies.

In conducting the survey we looked into four key areas:

  • Extent of “legacy” data protection technology currently in use
  • Key functional areas including retention policy, RPO, RTO and any point in time recovery
  • IT department’s appetite for change
  • The market share of data protection software vendors

The results point to APAC being slightly slower to leverage some of the newer data protection technologies and practices that are being adopted in Europe and North America. They also show a definite requirement for some of the older “backup” technologies to be supported into the future. The survey reveals that change is already underway and to some point a tipping point has been reached. There is interest in understanding how new technologies and practices can complement, and in some instances replace existing infrastructure and practices.

To dive into the data and provide insightful analysis, we’ve invited Rick Hunter, the data analyst and technical editor from Asia Online Publishing Group, to present the survey findings at a live webinar at 1pm HK time on Aug 19th. Register here if you’d like to get the first hand information about Data Protection trends in APAC.