We came across a recent “analysis” from Asigra on Twitter. Where do we start? Their table is misleading and much of the information on it about Arcserve (by the way, we are not part of CA anymore – it’s been almost a year) is inaccurate. Here, we tell the real Arcserve story.

Arcserve Data Protection Capabilities

Capability Fiction Fact
Unified ☑  Of course we have this!  It is in our name – Arcserve Unified Data Protection!
Capacity-based pricing ☑  Absolutely, it is the best way to go!
Unlimited users/devices ☑  Yes! A nice benefit of going with capacity pricing.
Recovery-based discounts ✖   Nope, we don’t like surprises. With simple capacity based pricing up front, you have peace of mind – hence no surprises!
Agentless technology: ☑  You bet! Perfect for Hypervisor protection.
Forever incremental ☑  We definitely offer this. In fact, we have a patent pending on this technology!
Tablets support ✖   Nope, but you should check out our workstation edition.
VM backup ☑  Absolutely! We work tightly with change block tracking.
Software ☑  Software or Appliance (or both) you pick!
RPS 142 Certified ✖   Uh, no. Who makes this stuff up?