It turns out that the rain in Spain doesn’t always stay mainly in the plain, as the song goes in the musical.  For about four hours at our European Arcserve Horizon Partner Summit we had a little bit of rain in Sitges, on the beautiful Barcelona coast – prompting a number of British Isles residents to complain that where they live, it was actually sunny and warm.  Only in Europe could you have these fun conversations!  Luckily the rain did not last and only a few people noticed.  Everyone else was just too busy!


Just like our Horizon event in Miami (see last week’s blog by Jack Foster), we gathered our regional partners for a day of work, awards and fun.  Our EMEA lead Peter Ward kicked it off by reminding us that among the 150 or so attendees, we had 22 nationalities represented… and probably a good 20 languages across the room, including regional languages such as Catalan.  While he did not say hello in all 20 languages, he certainly tried a few of them. I think one of them was English.

horizon speaker

In the course of the day, we updated our partners on our strategy, our vision, and of course spent quite a bit of time on our new data protection solution – Arcserve Unified Data Protection.  The energy in the room was palpable.  The conversations during the breaks and later in the evening all converged on the amazing opportunity that our new solution offers.

horizon crest speaking

Our keynote was Nick Sundby from IDC, who did a fantastic job of breaking down current storage and data protection trends for the audience.

The day ended with a fun awards dinner punctuated by the world-renowned Siren electric string quartet, whose stunning performance blew the audience away.

horizon escala performing

Kudos to the Arcserve team for organizing such a fun and successful event.  And thank you to our valued partners for their presence and their commitment to our joint business.  Let’s do this again next year!