I recently sat down with Erin Malone, Arcserve’s VP of North America Sales, to discuss her thoughts on the impact this new change will have on overall sales for Arcserve as an independent company. Here is a firsthand look at what Erin had to say.

Me: What do you think this change in status will mean for overall sales? And, how do you think customers will benefit from this change?

Erin: Arcserve as an independent company has created a tremendous opportunities from a sales perspective. We have a lot of reasons to reach out to our customers and partners. We have our new Unified Data Protection product that we launched, a new website, new logo, a new financial sponsor with Marlin equity and most importantly ton of fire in our belly to continue to make Arcserve a brand our customers can rely on to deliver continuous value. We have the ability as an independent company to design from head to toe the most optimal model to support our customers and partners.

However, despite the changes you will see from us, you will also continue to have a ton of consistency. You will have consistency with the Arcserve people you have worked with over the years when we were part of CA Technologies. All 500 employees have joined the Arcserve team from every department including; sales, marketing, support, operations, product development, etc. In addition, we are still 100% channel and continue to maintain a loyal channel focus. In fact, all of our systems are being designed to enhance the experience our customers and partners have when working with us.

Then you couple what we are going through as a new independent company and what we are seeing in the marketplace and you can truly see what an amazing opportunity it is. This is a 6 billion dollar market and growing 9% year over year. According to Gartner, 30% of customers will be changing backup vendors by 2017. Most customers we speak with today are using upwards of 3 to 5 different solutions for backup, replication and high availability. We hear from customers that this becomes far too costly to manage; including training your employees and looking at the upcoming spend for renewals. This becomes a complex situation for our customers. We can help our customers with an unbelievable product, with great support and an enthusiastic and helpful team. As an independent company, we can ease our customer’s minds when they are frustrated with having multiple solutions and want to consolidate to a single vendor and simpler solution to do it all. That’s why we’re here.

Me: What do you see being the greatest benefit for us becoming an independent company?

Erin: The greatest benefit for Arcserve now as an independent company is that we are now 100 percent focused on backup and disaster recover, and we have the ability to act with an incredible sense of agility, speed and quality. For example, if we have a customer or partner promotion idea we can get it vetted and approved within a day or two. Something that may have taken months to implement before, we can now execute much faster.

We want to show our partners and customers that we are serious about gaining their loyalty.

Me: Any last thoughts or comments you would like to add?

Erin: The possibilities are endless, and this is just the beginning. I look back at what we have been able to accomplish in the first 30 days. I can only imagine what the next 30 days or even ONE year will bring.

Erin Malone is VP, NA Sales for Arcserve. Erin is a trusted channel executive with more than 14 years of indirect sales and marketing experience. During her career, Erin has received a number of accolades including placement among CRN’s Women of the Channel and also the elite CRN Power 100, an exclusive list that recognizes the IT industry’s top female channel executives for their professional achievements and industry influence.