Next Generation Data Protection – What You Need to Know NOW!!

Efficient and effective data protection is a must for all your applications and most importantly for your most business critical applications.  You already know this.

Yet, your data protection architecture may very well harbor an Achilles’ heel—a big one.  It could be that change is making the computing and networking hardware and infrastructure is less than-rock-solid.

The most significant example of change is virtualization.  There is no question that virtualization has brought many benefits to your computing infrastructure – but it has also brought with it many new challenges.

Virtualization is introducing inflexible data protection silos that mark the death knell of your plan’s efficacy and efficiency.  Virtualization is also the cause for more specialized data protection causing multiple points of control and increased cost and complexity.

The good news for you is that help is on the way.  Technology is evolving at a fast pace, helping you to regain control and provide more robust data protection, deduplication, and recoverability.

To learn more, you are invited to attend the webinar “What You need to know NOW About Next Generation Data Protection”, hosted by Arcserve.  In this 60-minute presentation, your hosts will walk through the driving forces re-shaping data protection architectures and the key trends you’ll want to keep an eye on.

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