In previous posts I touched on how a simple service catalog and the ability to evolve your offerings to meet your customer’s requirements will lead to greater success, but this just scratches surface. There is a lot more work to be done.

Sure, you may feel comfortable that you can effectively design, build, price, market and sell your service offerings but you can’t lose sight of what is really important – the onboarding process.

Your ability to onboard a customer quickly and efficiently can make or break you as a managed service provider.

Take a moment and think of a time when you received impeccable service. Ask yourself: when did I receive great service and decide I would always go back? Was it in a restaurant, a customer service transaction, during a car repair (not likely), or even on a cruise vacation?   That is the feeling you need to invoke in your customers, on a daily basis. You never want customers to second-guess their purchasing decision, and that is why the initial phase of the onboarding process is critical.

A suggestion is to keep your onboarding process simple and over communicate.  Spell out each phase of the onboarding process and share it with the customer before you start.  Always keep the customer informed of the sequence of events  –  for example when you start and finish each onboarding phase – as this is critical. And never spring a surprise on a customer. This will cause a lack of trust, which leads to second-guessing, and ultimately to your competition.

So make your onboarding process count, and always remember there’s only one chance to make a first impression!