As a service provider you can’t become complacent. You have to evolve with your customers, and you can’t settle on being second in anything. Behaving that way could lead to customers moving to the competition.

So when choosing the technology to design, sell and support your service offerings you have to make  wise decisions.  You need to ask yourself if the technology vendor is evolving at the rate of your customers, and if they offer well-rounded solutions that have the breadth and depth to create a flexible good-better-best approach when designing your service offerings.

If you can answer that question with a resounding “yes” then you are in a good place. But often the answer is “no” and you have to rethink or evolve your approach. If you don’t do that as time goes by you will get passed by.

For arguments sake let’s take a service provider that offers data protection managed service offerings. Service providers today often use multiple data protection tools to be able to provide on premise, off-premise and data center services because there hasn’t been a solution on the market that could offer one truly unified platform for physical and virtual systems that included replication, high availability, global deduplication, breadth of applications, and archival to tape or cloud.

But that is changing as new offerings come to market.

And as the service provider, if you remain complacent and don’t adapt or evolve, you will be faced with not being able to effectively deliver, manage, on-board and support your current customers, which will lead them to other options altogether.

This of course also has a negative impact on your bottom line and reputation. If you can’t build service offerings that can be flexibly expanded upon (i.e. the good-better-best approach I mentioned earlier), you are limiting what services you can offer to your customers and limiting your future. And they will go to another vendor.

So in summary don’t be second-best. Do your research, don’t be complacent and think that is your only option. Do your homework, look at the new technology, and evolve with your customers. Look to address their problems with the right solution that can allow you and your customers both to scale and be successful.