Moving Targets

It’s harder to hit a moving target than a stationary one.  That’s why T-ball is easier than hitting a big leaguer’s curve—and why skeet shooting is harder than target practice.

For IT operations, the cloud has made data protection and business continuity a moving target.  The server and storage infrastructure associated with any given business service can now be located anywhere within the data center or in some external service provider’s environment.  So, to protect critical assets, IT must be able to intelligently track structured and unstructured data across the computing environment and ensure that it is appropriately protected.

Beyond that, IT itself is in a period of significant transition.  IT organizations are re-thinking their approaches to service delivery as the SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and private cloud models continue to evolve.  So they don’t just have to cope with the fact that their infrastructure is becoming more dynamic.  They have to cope with the fact that the ways in which their infrastructure is becoming more dynamic are themselves in a state of flux.

In CA Technologies, IT has a partner that can help with both kinds of dynamism.  With the release of CA Arcserve r16, we are delivering the capabilities and intelligence necessary to protect large and dynamic virtualized private and public cloud environments.  At the same time, we are demonstrating our commitment to helping ensure that our customers and partners can handle whatever changes the cloud—or any other emerging service provisioning model—might have in store for us in the future.

Of course, we’ve been hitting moving targets for a long time.  That’s why organizations have been able to trust us to protect their data for 35 years.  It doesn’t matter where your data moves or how fast it moves there.  Our aim is true!