Customer satisfaction for CA Arcserve products is at an all-time high: a blistering 8.8 on a scale of 10 based on our survey results from September.  This unprecedented level of customer delight—our highest level to date—is due to a combination of factors, including outstanding product quality, innovative capabilities, and great technical support.  Combined with the independent validation we’ve been getting from product reviews and analysts, our extraordinarily positive customer feedback underscores the fact that CA is the ideal vendor for channel partners that want to capitalizes on today’s hot market opportunities in data protection.

Unfortunately, good news travels slow in this industry.  Our partners and customers know this all too well.  Do an outstanding job, and eventually the market will get wind of it.  But if you mess up, your reputation can plummet overnight.

I’m saying all this because I think it’s important for our partners and customers to know two things.  First, Arcserve rocks—as does the organization that supports it.  There is simply no other set of solutions and services that offer greater value when it comes to protecting data in today’s complex, resource-constrained IT environments.

Second, the current state of Arcserve is a good indicator about its future.  CA Technologies is doing great things with this product line.  We have moved it into a business unit (the Growth Markets CSU) that is designed around innovation and responsiveness.  So our 8.8 customer satisfaction rating isn’t just good news for today.  It’s good news for tomorrow, too.

This message is especially important for our channel partners, because Arcserve is a channel product.  That fact is underscored by, among other things, our new MSP Licensing Program.  CA is committed to partnering with the channel to bring the differentiated value of Arcserve to every organization facing an escalating data protection challenge.  And we are giving our channel partners what they need to make this happen.

Of course, if anyone has any recent negative experience with Arcserve or the Arcserve team, they can feel free to let me know by dropping me a line at  That’s the only way we are going to push our performance even higher.

But I feel like I have to give the good news about Arcserve a little push—here and elsewhere.  And I invite you to do the same.  The sooner the good news about Arcserve gets out there, the sooner we can protect more of the data out there that needs protecting in the efficient, reliable and automated way it needs to be protected.