When the announcement was made that Arcserve was now a new company, the excitement was in the air!  During that first week, our marketing team launched a ‘fun facts’ daily trivia to our global teams to get them really pumped! Each day was focused on “did you know…” type questions.  On day three, we sent out some fun facts around social media best practices.

This is a topic I enjoy not only as a marketer, but also an online advocate. So, was I surprised to see that 36% of the respondents didn’t know some basic social media best practices.

I, for one, still remember what it was like to use a typewriter and go to the library to look up basic information, so I was intrigued and wanted to dig deeper. Was it simply that using social media for promoting is still such a mystery for business professionals, and most do not embrace it? Or was it confusing because the rules of engagement kept evolving or were unclear to begin with?

So, out of curiosity, I sought out a few best practices to share. I was surprised that even I was violating half of these rules.

  1. Give your audience context – – tell them why they should click on your content. I mean, if it’s not interesting to you, chances are your network won’t find it interesting either
  2. Put something personal in there to connect and relate to your audience
  3. People are data driven, so give `em stats!   I’ve used a few just in this blog  =)
  4. Pictures are worth a 1000 words.  So use images; and for twitter it helps with the limited amount of characters you are allowed
  5. Talk like you’re at a party – use words like awesome, top, great, amazing
  6. Use adverbs and verbs more – actionable items in a direct (vs. passive) voice
  7. #ILike to use #multiplehashtags #becauseitworks. Don’t go #hashtag crazy! For twitter, don’t use more than 2 (hashtags#) per tweet.  Tweets with 2 = 2x engagement BUT more than 2 = 17% drop in engagement. How’s that for a fun stat!
  8. Speaking of #hastags (or if you prefer, the pound sign),  they don’t work on Facebook, so don’t use them!
  9. Don’t force a brand name into a hashtag. Make it organic to expand the reach or search
  10. And always include a call to action. “The Arcserve event was awesome, so join us next week”. If there’s no link to register, your message is lost!

As the holiday season creeps up, we are reminded how buying behavior has completely changed.  60% of the decisions by customers are made prior to contacting a sales rep.

Research, online comparisons and customer feedback relate heavily to our decision making. The most trustworthy sources for advertising or awareness are the ones you and I don’t own.

So remember, EVERYONE in your Business or team is a ‘digital officer’ and advocate of your brand.  Embrace these social forums.