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I hear often that sales can be a thankless job.  From my perspective, it can be the opposite — full of rewards and one of the best jobs in the world.

One reward, but sometimes overlooked, is simple recognition. With that said, in advance of our fiscal year end, it’s a perfect time to say thanks to the people at Arcserve who are making a positive difference. Why?  Every year, companies recognize individuals when they over achieve on goals.  When goal setting time is upon us, and new numbers are proposed, we in sales often raise our eyebrows (not a time to exercise our acquired poker face abilities), while spending 30 seconds calculating the uplift, and conducting a self-brainstorming session in our heads before nodding to our managers with some assurance, “Yes, OK.”

Juxtaposing the Oscar winners with Sales Achievers.  Yes, Sales is a NOBLE profession, but a sometimes humbling profession too – as is acting, as the Oscars’ host Neil Patrick Harris went to extremes to demonstrate.  Now, I’m not going to strip down to my skivvies, as NPH did to prove his point, but no one can argue this fact: Sales  is the backbone of every company.  Survival of a company needs its backbone to stay healthy.  No room for brittle commitments or soft plans, or Osteoporosis sets in.   Degeneration in any organization is very hard to cure, or turn around, and can quickly spread, leading to other complications.

Transition into new Arcserve.  Change isn’t without challenges, as any company – new or old – knows.  However, having had the opportunity to work in this industry for *cough cough* 2 ½ dog years, I can confidently say that Arcserve has the best sales organization in the industry.  And I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize the support that makes over achieving possible.  Marketing, presales, operations…and let’s not forget our families (yes, drafting this while watching the Oscars).

We have continued to thrive as a WW technology company, despite the radical evolution of Arcserve.  Changes that were fully endorsed sales, led by a belief in the possibilities driven by our solid portfolio and roadmaps that will allow us to gain velocity in the market, despite the competitive landscape.

Maybe our resilience and abilities stem from our roots at CA Technologies.  There the monikers piled up pretty high, with the most popular being ‘Change Always’ & ‘Change in April’.

I believe change is inevitable and needs to be constant.  However, it needs to be done through a thoughtful approach, driven always by what is in the best interest of our customers.

The confidence I have comes from the excellence of my co-workers. I’m fortunate enough to work with teammates who can morph as easily as Lady Gaga into Julie Andrews, belting out ‘The Sounds of Music’.  They are that awesome.

Here’s a sneak peek into the red carpet launch of our official first year of New Arcserve.  Look for Arcserve’s ‘Best in Channel’ Partner Program,’ and ‘Best in Customer Satisfaction’ thru Arcserve’s automated customer/partner support platform: Zendesk. And last, but not least, watch for the expansion of our Arcserve team that will accelerate customer and partner support.

In sales, there is only one lifetime achievement award. There isn’t any one moment/event that you can hang your hat on.  It is the understanding that reputation is everything, and it is built upon a steadfast approach in supporting the needs of our customers.  Their business successes and failures become ours.

I wanted these overachievers to know how much I personally appreciate their contributions, and I know I am not alone at Arcserve.