Everyone is talking about cloud backup, but have you been frustrated connecting your on-premise data protection solution to the cloud?  The claim “Supports (insert you favorite public cloud provider)” means very little when you are left to design and build all the underlying connections to the cloud yourselves.

Not having to provide upfront capital to build a DR center yet still benefit from a heightened level of protection that leverages an offsite location is a great motivator!  While public cloud solutions can be a great complement to traditional on premise backup, many SMBs just don’t have the time or resources to make their way through the maze of options and contracts.

What if you could connect to the cloud and be up and running in just minutes?

When Arcserve set out to build a cloud extension for its popular Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP) backup appliance, it wanted to make the experience as seamless as possible for the user.

Arcserve Cloud architectural overview

The new Arcserve Cloud goes beyond critical data asset protection, and empowers SMBs and mid-sized organizations to complete their data protection strategy with a seamless means to achieve disaster recovery and business continuity. It’s offered as a service extension to Arcserve’s UDP appliance, a next-generation data protection solution that leverages global deduplication, encryption, compression, and WAN-optimized replication. The service is based on the protected capacity of your Arcserve® UDP 7000 Appliance, and stores a configurable number of daily, weekly, and monthly backups for one base price.

The Arcserve Cloud automatically replicates your backup images from the on-premise recovery point server (RPS) to a corresponding RPS in the cloud (disk to disk to cloud). You manage the entire backup process from the UDP console, specifying the backup source, destination, and retention. Simply connect your Arcserve Appliance to the Arcserve Cloud and go!

  • Secure offsite disaster recovery and disaster recovery testing without up-front investment and maintenance of secondary sites, infrastructure and personnel
  • Remote virtual standby for emergency application failover and failback
  • Long-term cloud backup storage as an alternative to local disk or tape for regulatory compliance
  • Global, source-side deduplication and WAN optimized replication for highly efficient use of backup storage and available WAN bandwidth
  • Rapid deployment via a jumpstarting offline synchronization service
  • Ease of management with 24 x 7 x 365 support

Think of Arcserve Cloud as an alternative for traditional disk-to-disk-to-tape.  Arcserve Cloud delivers economical long-term retention of data along with improved recovery time performance and centralized management.  Arcserve Cloud also supports disaster recovery and disaster recovery testing when virtual machines protected in the cloud are enabled in-place replacing on-premise applications in event of disaster.

Arcserve Cloud is a new solution built on the scalable and flexible Arcserve UDP platform.  It combines backup, replication, high availability and true global deduplication technologies within one solution. Arcserve UDP is easy to use and does not require expensive professional services to offer a seamless solution from endpoint to cloud.

The new era of cloud data protection is here today – simply connect and go!