Q: What does this new announcement of Arcserve as an independent company mean to you?

A: I’m very excited with the spinoff of Arcserve! Insight has grown the Arcserve business in the last quarter by 44% so personally, I’ve been more than ready to dive in head first and see what we truly can do with sole focus on this line. From my perspective, Arcserve has always worked independently from CA Technologies being the only business unit 100% focused on channel sales. That commitment alone has driven more focus and trust throughout the Insight organization. Knowing that Arcserve as a standalone company is going to continue with this cadence without the direct stigma attached should only further their footprint with partners in the channel. (Prior we were aligned to ERwin and Arcserve as the Data Management Segment)  


Q: How do you feel like Arcserve is differentiated as a storage solution provider?

A: Now that there is a single focus with Arcserve and the portfolio is the most comprehensive on the market to address both RPO/RTO needs in a unified console with UDP, the value proposition to the customer just increased greatly over the rest of the publishers that have gaps in their ability to effectively manage to the needs of the customer without pulling in one or multiple vendors to address those gaps. Due to this it’s my belief UDP is well positioned against their competition across all markets.  


Q: You mentioned UDP, what does this mean for Insight?

A: I honestly feel privileged to be affiliated with this product – I truly believe in the capabilities brought to the table – not only to speak to the support of the Arcserve team. The roadmap is solid and now with a large financial backer they have with Marlin Equity the right investments will be made to over deliver to the addressable markets.


Q: What’s next?

A: I’m ready to rock with a single solution that will change the backup industry as we see it today… let’s get unified with UDP! The buzz brewing on the Insight sales floor is palpable. The programs that are in place as well as the initiatives we are driving to ensure Insight can independently support in all regards the needs of our customers when adopting Arcserve as their sole provider for their storage needs. This will garner a larger Arcserve footprint with our existing and new customers. Insight, like all companies love to hear more revenue, profit and breadth of customers!