I have worked on the CA Arcserve team for 8 months now, and it has been an incredible ride. I am constantly learning from my fellow teammates, and still love every aspect of my job. We just launched our newest Arcserve product – Unified Data Protection (UDP), and had our Horizon Summit last week for our North America and Latin America partners in Miami, Florida. I have never been to an Arcserve event, so I did not know what to expect. Our hotel was amazing, and the view from my room was even better!

From the beginning, the energy you could feel was amazing. Everyone was so excited to showcase Arcserve UDP and to just be together and meet the rest of our team and partners that we speak to on a daily basis but may have never met face-to-face.

The excitement built as the event kicked off, and we finally unveiled our new product that is changing the data protection game! During training sessions, I learned so much about Unified Data Protection and about Arcserve in general. The stats I report on week on week were actually in our GM, Mike Crest’s, opening presentation, and that was a great feeling to see my work fit into the bigger picture. Our presentations were informational, inspirational, comedic, and just overall so much fun. As I looked around the room, I could see how intently our Arcserve family was listening to each presentation, and afterwards, I could tell how excited they were to take this information home and promote!

Analyst feedback and our own internal research showed that there is a gap in the market that Arcserve UDP is perfectly positioned to fill for customers. Organizations are challenged by budget and time. The market is asking for a unified solution. Other products didn’t offer a complete yet easy to use solution for mid-market and SMB needs. This event made it really clear to all of us that there truly is a need for a unique product like this. The opportunity is huge!

After our training sessions, we had an awards dinner for our internal teams. I sat next to a few members of our Tampa sales team and got such positive feedback from them about our event. They could not thank us enough for the wonderful and informational time they were having. Sales and marketing teams having fun together is pretty cool!

The next morning, I met with my North America Marketing team one last time face to face, and we had a great time sharing stories and laughing. I feel blessed having such a great team to work with, and am looking forward to the next in-person meeting we will have!

horizon image 4

All in all, this was such an incredible experience for someone who has never been a part of such an event before. I got to see all the work everyone has been putting into this new product connecting and coming together. I got to meet my entire team face to face for the first time, I got to meet other sales reps from all over the country, and it was all just so much fun. If I could do it again, I wouldn’t change a thing.