Q&A with Erin Malone, vice president, North American Channel Sales, Arcserve


Q.  Tell me more about the news that we’ve just announced with Ingram Micro.
I’m thrilled to announce that as of yesterday, April 1, Arcserve launched into an exclusive distribution alliance with Ingram Micro in North America across the entire Arcserve software and appliance portfolio. Arcserve is a 100% channel driven organization and is committed to the channel in everything we do. This announcement is no exception – our expanded agreement with Ingram Micro, the leading distributor in North America with a tremendous reputation across the channel, allows us to create a best-in-class approach with our partners, giving them more resources, support, and focus to truly optimize their business.

Q.  Why did Arcserve consolidate down to one distributor? Why in North America vs the rest of the world?
One of the key pieces of feedback were heard from our North American distributors was their concern about profitability on our line and relevance within their organizations. We were over-distributed and not seeing the level of commitment and attention we needed in order to drive aggressive growth. In order for us to drive relevance and a lot more velocity in the business, we needed to sharpen the operational aspects of the business and this became an opportunity for everyone. We wanted better services and resources. We wanted to make sure we had our distribution strategy right to help propel our success in this very important North American market. And we want to benefit the entire ecosystem – Arcserve, our distributors, our partners, and their customers. So we set forth to develop a relationship with a partner whose reach, confidence in execution, and margin-enhancing programs for the channel would create a more robust program for everyone. And, while we focused on North America with this agreement, we’re continuously assessing our distribution situation to ensure we have the most optimal strategy in all of our GEOs.

Q.  What’s the timing of the transition to Ingram?
All sales will be transitioned to Ingram Micro by May 29th. In the meantime, legacy Arcserve sales opportunities already captured in the pipeline can be procured as planned through a prior Arcserve distribution partner or thru Ingram Micro – the decision is with the partner. Any new quotes or new deals will be fielded by and thru Ingram Micro as of April 1.

Q.  What about your previous distribution partners in North America?
We’ve been very thoughtful about the transition and we’ve reached out to all of these partners. Ingram had significant relationships across the board and we’ve rolled out the program and communicated with them. We’ve been very careful to work with any partners who are not currently or weren’t currently engaged with Ingram. Because we’re purpose built for the channel – we know that leads matter – that programs matter.  This is a value-focused relationship.

Q.  Why Ingram? What kinds of changes can partners and customers expect to see in both the short and long term?
Ingram has been a strategic partner, selling the Arcserve family of products for a very long time. We have certainly enjoyed this positive relationship with Ingram, as well as their technology, reach and the ability to develop a world class program – Ingram Micro brings this level of capability that we’re very exciting about.  With this announcement, Arcserve partners can leverage this relationship to further enhance their expertise. Partners should expect to work with our phenomenal support team we have in place at Ingram. In addition, we are expanding this team significantly to provide even greater support to help accelerate transactions with our partners and their customers. We will also leverage Ingram’s Business Intelligence team to identify and provide end-user leads to Arcserve partners.

Q.  Any other upcoming developments to the larger Arcserve partner program?
We’re very excited about our go forward strategy and developing a world-class deal reg program. A significant bi-product of this new relationship with Ingram will be the visibility that this will give us into the sales motion and lead velocity. We can be far more prescriptive about where we target and who we target. We will announce some pretty exciting things together at the Ingram ONE event next month – stay tuned!