It was mid-January 1993 when I walked through the doors of a startup company excited and eager to begin my career.  As luck would have it this was the day when I first met Arcserve.  It was so exciting to be part of a brand new business.  Over the course of many years I learned about networking, operating systems, storage, applications, databases, and tape libraries, and how to work as a team.

I was living the life. I was part of a successful team that had one goal – to be the number one data protection software solution on the market, which I am happy to say we did accomplish.

As we remained successful in the late 1990s we did end up being acquired by a larger company and we continued to market and sell Arcserve software over the years.   I can only say positive things about this experience as I continued to expand my technical expertise but also learned how to become a leader.  It was and will always remain a rewarding and pleasant experience.

But then recently there was a dramatic turn of events. It was announced that Arcserve was to go back to its roots and become an independent company.  A smile came across my face, and I immediately thought back to that January day when this all started – the memories of years past with my peers and friends at that startup company, hungry and focused on one common goal of becoming the market leader in data protection.

In early May 2014 we announced a new product – Arcserve Unified Data Protection – and now comes this fascinating news that Arcserve is moving on its own.  In my humble opinion this is the greatest thing that could have happened.  We all know nothing happens magically or without hard work and it is now upon us to take advantage of this opportunity and make it happen, and I know we will.  I am sure you have heard the statement history does repeat itself, and with that I will have truly gone back to the future.