Analyst firm ESG adds to the traditional Purpose Built Backup Appliance classification with 2 additional emerging categories: Failover appliances and Gateway appliances. This completes the right side of the larger modern Data Protection Appliance market category that you see below.

A Failover appliance includes software and hardware that focus on the recovery of applications and data, brings some level of automation/integration to the whole process, and is typically deployed in local and secondary locations to provide a safety net should anything come up at the primary site. This evolution from backup to recovery is fundamental in designing these solutions, and more importantly, we believe this delivers more value to the customers in terms of service level agreements.

Gateway appliances go beyond just providing a connector to a cloud service, although that’s a good start! These appliances are designed to work with cloud “destinations” and are natively optimized to do so. Cloud data protection is clearly an area of growth in the market, and while not every use case or organization will find it an acceptable solution, more and more users are turning to the cloud as an option.

Having 2 or more types of appliances to band aid an aging backup infrastructure is just not going to cut it any longer: between the explosion of virtual machines and the accelerating volumes of data, why add more complexity and moving parts?

The next generation data protection appliance is going to be one that does it all, does it well, does it fast and does it affordably. That’s what innovation is about in any market, and it acutely applies to the backup and recovery space.

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