Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the technology inside is delightful…

In many parts of the world, winter is often the best time of the year. Whether it is Denver, Colorado, Park City, Utah, or the Swiss Alps, winter brings the opportunity to ski, snowboard and even snowmobile. If you are planning a trip to a winter destination, you must be prepared in order to brave the elements and have an enjoyable vacation. You will need the right clothing which will include snow gear, boots, gloves, hats and even the appropriate transportation.

The winter jacket and gloves you use to dash to the train platform, waiting for a city bus or even scraping the ice off of your car in the morning, probably are not the right tools/equipment for your favorite slopes. You also need to know the potential risks and challenges that may impede your ability to have a safe and enjoyable winter excursion and have the needed resources to meet the unexpected events that arise. You need the right gear and plan; you need what is appropriate and available in order to meet the day’s activities (good or bad).

It reminded me of recent conversations with several IT professionals that are working to protect one of their most important organization’s assets: Data. While there are as many good disaster recovery solutions in the marketplace, just as there are many winter wonderlands to choose from, it is most important to have the RIGHT disaster recovery solution. It is about the ability to centrally manage and protect your critical IT assets based on the value of the systems, applications and the data.

Today, many organizations have multiple data protection tools that they have blended together to get as close as possible to their DR goal achieving the highest service levels (SLA). The ideal disaster recovery solution should combine industry-proven backup, replication, high availability and true global de-duplication technologies within one solution with little dependency on the type of hardware required.

Solutions to be considered should provide you with the ability to select the desired recovery time and recovery point objectives based on the needs of the business or the value of the data. This is even more important considering the goal is to have the highest level of up time and avoid the high cost of downtime to your business.

Just as you need to obtain the right items for an enjoyable January ski trip (after all, no one wants frostbite!), you also need to be diligent in obtaining the right systems for your business. So when ferreting through the blizzard of IT choices, seek those solutions that will allow you to centrally manage and protect your company’s infrastructure with the greatest flexibility. One that allows you to protect data to disk, tape, the cloud, and provides full system high availability and gives you the confidence of assured recovery!