In a March 2014 special report, DCIG analyst Jerome Wendt identifies CA Arcserve as the best fit for small and mid-sized enterprises seeking virtual server backup.  It’s not a surprise to the many thousands of Arcserve customers, including the many new ones  who have chosen us in the past few quarters for the same reason.

But one thing to point out is the fact that it’s not just about supporting virtual environments.  If you look at the report, it clearly shows how certain niche vendors are falling short on many counts.  There are too many dimensions to cover in this blog post, but the report has some key takeaways that are not to be missed.

What is also very interesting is to see how well Arcserve does compared to well-established large enterprise players.   If you don’t know Arcserve, this is a great way to get acquainted or re-acquainted.

Perhaps this report excerpt sums it up best:

“CA Technologies has made it easy for SMEs to make the right choice when it comes to selecting and choosing a single backup software solution to protect their entire environment—be it physical, virtual or both.”

And it begs the question, are you making the right data protection decision?

For help answering that question, instantly download the report at DCIG Special Report: Making the Right Virtual Server Backup Software Buying Decision.