In today’s “always online” environment, the success of the business depends on the ability to properly protect and make available systems, applications and data. But not all systems, applications and data are of equal value to your business. So why treat them the same?

Simplifying your data protection strategy, regardless of how complex your environment, starts with prioritizing your systems, applications and data as they relate to their value to the business. Each business system or application should have a specific recovery time objective (RTO), the amount of time it takes to recover it, and a recovery point objective (RPO), the amount of data you are willing to risk losing. Take a hierarchical and logical approach to meeting different RTO and RPO goals—keeping things as simple as possible.

What type of solution should you look for? One that:

  1. Offers multiple technologies to meet different RTO and RPO goals. It’s simpler to deploy, manage and maintain integrated technologies from a single vendor than buying multiple point solutions that don’t work well together or can be difficult to integrate.
  2. Supports a wide range of IT environments encompassing physical and virtual; servers and workstations; DAS, NAS and SAN; tape and disk; local and remote resources; etc.
  3. Offers local, remote and cloud deployment and scales with the evolving needs of your business.
  4. Is easy to deploy, manage and maintain.
  5. Fits your budgetary and business requirements.

Until now, customers were forced to make the tradeoff between broadly capable but cumbersome solutions coupled with a heavy amount of services, or a point solution limited in functionality that restricts the ability of technology to keep pace with business demands.

Today, we are introducing our “made simple” campaign. Simplifying data protection is more than just a tag line—it is how we are moving forward as an organization.

We realize that regardless of the size of your business or how complex your IT infrastructure is today, one thing is certain in the IT world: change. Your business demands a single solution that simplifies a maze of data protection challenges—today and tomorrow.

CA Arcserve provides this solution. Learn more about CA Arcserve – Data Protection made simple.