There’s quite of bit of analysis in the market today about the topic of specialization in IT.  Trends indicate that IT generalists are becoming more critical in many organizations.  With more pressure on budgets and resources, people are asked to do more with less, take on new jobs, and wear the proverbial multiple hats.

From a data protection perspective, backup used to be the domain of specialists, and I think it still is in many organizations.  Data protection was complex, critical and required a good handle of the tools, in order to  not “break” anything.

But what if you just can’t afford an extra resource dedicated to data protection?

How many backup solutions do you have in your environment today?  Are you going to have one person who knows them all (in which case this person should be asking for a huge raise)?

Let’s face it, you probably can’t afford one headcount per solution.  You are stuck in complexity.  At Arcserve, we took this design challenge head on – building a new architecture that can be focused on recovery assurance, be easy to use for the IT generalist, but powerful and customizable by the data protection expert.

In the next post, I’ll explain how we did it with Arcserve Unified Data Protection.