Whether you are a VAR, VAD, or MSP, channel partners agree that to stay competitive and grow profit margins you need to build or grow your services business. Typical technology services include assessment and deployment, management and monitoring, system and application hosting, offsite storage for disaster recovery, and even failover for system and data availability. And with cloud computing and storage gaining broad customer attention and interest, many partners are already experimenting with building a private cloud business for business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR) services.

Replication and High Availability software are great tools to help you build new services and expand your existing services business. Replication software is used by thousands of customers and partners around the globe to copy data and backups offsite for disaster recovery. You can use replication software and create a DR service for offsite data protection, which is especially valuable to SMBs that don’t have their own remote facilities to use. High Availability software copies entire systems, applications and data and provides real-time system and application monitoring with automatic and push-button failover and failback for continuous availability and fast restoration of critical systems. Offer your own NOC as a failover service for both BC and DR since your customers’ failover systems and data copies will reside offsite.

In addition, most partners build their BC/DR services using server virtualization technology like VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V to help ease deployment and management and be more agile and flexible while improving profit margins. That means you can grow your virtualization expertise and business too.

What’s Holding You Back?

Still not sure? You should know that these software tools are already used today by partners like you, to build a variety of BC/DR hosting and managed services. And even if some of your customers prefer to deploy a traditional software license model solution, Replication and High Availability software typically requires assessment and deployment assistance that can also help you grow your services business. You can even offer these customers management and monitoring services as both products typically provide remote management, monitoring and reporting.

And if you’re an MSP, understand that these days you can most likely get special pricing and licensing from the software providers since they know the services business is built on a recurring payment model which is vastly different than the traditional hardware and software VAR business model.

So if you are looking for ways to build or grow your services business, leveraging Replication and High Availability software may be just the enabler you need.