One of my favorite strategy books is “Blue Ocean Strategy” by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne.  They offer a very real methodology when it comes to differentiating your solution, where in essence your organization should swim to areas of the competitive ocean in which competitors are limited.  They go on to offer a multitude of companies that have delivered value innovation – the simultaneous pursuit of differentiation and low cost, creating a leap in value for both buyers and the company.  While data protection companies are more prevalent than Starbucks in Manhattan, the reality is they exist because not one company has filled the vacuum of customer needs.

Niche solution providers exist in areas such as virtualization or cloud simply due to the fact that the incumbents didn’t fill that need for customers.  They made it easy and, initially, had a leg up on the competition as they did it relatively well. Clearly customers wouldn’t choose to add yet another piece of technology and/or hardware to their already complex infrastructure if they had an easy to use, high value solution.

Over time, products become features and/or delivery methods are disintermediated by better models.  Flash is taking on disk, Virtualization is overcoming physical infrastructures, virtual appliances are going toe to toe with physical appliances, etc…  Modernization of your investment has historically been squarely put on the shoulders of the customer.  In other words, customers were either forced to make due with what they have – beholden to legacy environments, layer in new technology adding to their existing stack of solutions or switch to a new solution.  In every case it is highly disruptive, costs valuable time and substantial amounts of money – either expense or opportunity cost for the business.

I believe our responsibility as a technology provider is to provide solutions that solve today’s, and tomorrow’s issues at such a value point that customers are not shouldering the responsibility for data protection modernization.  That is on us.  Our new Arcserve UDP (Unified Data Protection) solution is delivering on that promise everyday.  You have my commitment that we will continue to drive innovation and with our new-found freedom as a stand-alone company, we are moving aggressively into the next generation of solutions.  While the journey has just begun, we have already added over 1,000 Arcserve UDP customers since we released it in May of this year.  August alone added over 300 new customers.

Give us a call; I know you will be impressed with the new Arcserve.  More importantly, we promise to deliver on our commitment of value innovation.