In my last two posts I covered a very high level overview of understanding your data, creating plan around it and finally some features of Arcserve Unified Data Protection. In this 3rd post of the series I will wrap everything by discussing the final to parts of UDP. Virtual Standby and Full System High Availability are disaster recovery components of UDP and offer similar but yet very different capabilities.

Let’s start with Virtual Standby, this feature is in every edition of the UDP software and also is included in the V models of the UDP appliances. Virtual Standby (VSB) provides the capability to transform a backup of a machine into a virtual machine ready to turn on at a moment’s notice. In a software deployment we will leverage the customers VMware or Hyper-V environment for the standby location. VSB can be local or remote utilizing the RPS replication feature included in all editions of UDP. The conversion to virtual is done after the backup is completed which provides for a faster failover time since the machine is ready to turn on. Depending on how frequently you are taking your backups will depend on the amount of data loss you will suffer and should be a consideration. VSB can and should be used for those machine that can afford some data loss

Full System High Availability (FSHA) is targeted at the most critical servers that only minimal data loss is acceptable. With FSHA a virtual machine is also created but unlike VSB this does not leverage a backup schedule. FSHA provides the capability to do continues replication of the block level changes that are occurring at the source machine. Assured Recovery is feature within FSHA that allows you to do automated testing of the virtual machine to provide the peace of mind that if you need to failover that it will work. Assured Recovery does not impact the production site during this DR test and can be ran frequently while still replicating data changes over. VSB can and should be used for those machine that can afford some data loss.

In these three posts I showed you the basics to understanding your data and building a plan around it. Depending on your needs, different features of Arcserve UDP can be leveraged to help you meet those requirements. In one simplified console you can address your backup and disaster recovery needs for both physical and virtual environments with Arcserve Unified Data Protection.