One of the unique features of Arcserve UDP is its support for cross-hypervisor migration between vSphere and Hyper-V, the two leading hypervisors. Specifically, UDP can easily convert a VMware (vSphere) recovery point into a bootable Virtual Machine (VHD) that can be provisioned in a Hyper-V Disaster Recovery (DR) environment.


It appears that nobody in the backup market has this killer feature and it offers customers the following benefits:

  • Improve the flexibility of your Disaster Recovery Infrastructure by being able to choose between vSphere and Hyper-V virtual machine formats. This feature is important for end users with primary environments that do not match the DR environment. With cross-hypervisor support, end users can move virtual machines between formats and avoid having to purchase additional licenses.
  • Customers are looking to migrate between VMware and Hyper-V and there are no tools available to help customers to migrate across Hypervisors, again Arcserve is in a great position to help customers wanting to achieve this with minimal disruption to their production environment.
  • MSP’s have the ability improve customer satisfaction by offering support for both vSphere and Hyper-V in their private clouds and provide on-premise protection of VMware, Hyper-V and physical environments. There are no restrictions to business continuity with Arcserve UDP.

In the very near future Arcserve UDP will be able to offer customers the ability to leverage the Microsoft Cloud for DRaaS as with Instant Virtual Standby, we will be able to provision VMware and physical backups into their cloud again something totally unique to Arcserve.