Recently, I sat down with two of our sales team members to chat about their thoughts on the new Arcserve Unified Data Protection solution – Arcserve UDP – and what it means to our customers.

When I asked Matthew Land, a recently promoted Inside Sales Territory Account Manager, how data protection is becoming more of a strategic part of the business more so than just an IT function, his response was insightful.

“It is due to the realization of the impact it has on the overall success of the organization. Ensuring that your data is protected positively impacts business continuity,” said Land. “For example If an organization has an incomplete data protection plan in place and there is an IT ‘disaster.’   93% of companies that lost their primary data site for 10 days or more filed for bankruptcy within one year. Statistical data analysis of this trend provides further backing to message the extreme importance of data protection as it relates to business continuity, and how it should be at the highest level of importance when determining strategic business plans.”

Alex Ivanoff, a Senior Inside Sales Account Manager with the Arcserve business, said that he noticed that a lot of customers were looking for a point solution. Alex has been with Arcserve for more than 10 years, with deep product experience and knowledge.

Once he started walking customers through the broad feature set of Arcserve UDP, he could see the light bulbs going off. “We are able to show them a more cost effective way to back up with one console,” said Ivanoff.

I asked Alex what advice he would give customers for engaging with us or any vendor.

“Look for a vendor that’s proven,” he said.  “Not just the shiny new toy.  In our case, we are a stable company and are going to be around for a very long time. We position ourselves as a long-time backup vendor. We took our experience and reinvented what a data protection solution is.  I look at us and we’re bold, we’re modern, we’re different.  By the way, we spent 2 or 3 quarters perfecting this product  before releasing it to ensure it met very high quality standards.”

Alex also on commented on the extent to which customers understand their recovery point and recovery time objectives (RPO/RTO).

“More often than not, people aren’t sure what their expected results are required to be,” said Ivanoff. “It’s hard for them to figure it out. Our SLA dial approach with Arcserve UDP is useful. Through conversation, you can visualize what is needed, and then you show them the demo,” he said, snapping his fingers.

Alex has many customers that still want to be able to back up to tape, and when asked about any advice he would like to give these customers, he replied, “For long-term retention and archiving, tape is still a very viable option – especially for my customers that need to keep their information for a long time.  Some folks need to maintain customer information in some cases indefinitely.  However, more and more, I am speaking with people that would like to do a hybrid approach where they are looking to disk backups for daily protection because of the speed advantages it offers on the backup side, but also how easy it is to restore from disk.  Then they can archive off to tape from disk to satisfy their long term retentions.  Some customers I speak with are reluctant to get into disk backups because they are concerned with the cost of acquiring the hardware.  They think they need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to purchase appliances etc., but that is simply not the case.  More often than not, we can use existing hardware and storage to get the job done with little or no additional hardware expense.”

While we were wrapping up, Alex and Matthew closed with some powerful general observations on Arcserve UDP, saying  “the product sells itself” and “it just legitimately makes sense for the market today.”

Well said!