Yesterday we announced the Arcserve UDP 7000 appliance, a true revolution in the world of Purpose Built Backup Appliances.  As you read in yesterday’s press release and in my post, our UDP 7000 appliance is really a different animal: easy to deploy and use, on-appliance virtual standby, global source side deduplication and powered by our flagship UDP software. Let me review what the line-up looks like and cover some high level specs.

Set up Wizard and GUI
We’re introducing a new set up wizard that makes it easy to deploy the appliance. Even non-IT personnel can install this appliance! And remember that the UDP GUI was built for ease of use. It’s a modern interface, unlike what you can find with some competing systems like Unitrends.

Capacity and Deduplication
We are shipping 3 models that start at 3TB of raw capacity. Our usable capacity, what you can use for actually storing backup data, is really close to the raw capacity. We need a little space to run the software and services. What’s more interesting is what you can actually store in terms of source data. With UDP appliances you benefit from our global source-side deduplication, which means we can literally squeeze an 8TB source environment into a 2.8TB usable storage appliance. Your mileage will vary depending on your environment. Our teams and partners have a storage calculator tool they use to ensure that they size the environment adequately. Unlike other vendors like Unitrends that (we hear) have to save up to 50% of their raw capacity to perform deduplication due to post-processing requirements on the target appliance, we’re maximizing use of storage and minimizing network congestion.

Virtual Standby
With the V models you can have 3 virtual standby machines ready to go. Not every vendor can say that, for example Dell AppAssure. The way we do it with UDP is very easy to configure and leverage when the time comes to quickly get back on your feet. You can also leverage remote virtual standby capabilities in configurations that include a distant site for example.

Features, features, features…
It’s UDP!  It’s feature rich and gives our users many options to set data protection plans that optimize their SLAs, just like an SLA dial. There are many ways to recover data.  In comparison, this isn’t like the Dell solution that falls short in many areas. You can also use the appliance in any UDP deployment, so you aren’t tied to the appliance form factor like with Unitrends.

SSD Inside
By design we use an internal SSD layer in the appliance to maximize the global deduplication performance and scalability. It’s not just an afterthought like we’ve recently seen with some other vendors.

And we’re so easy to use and set up – if you’re looking for an appliance, pleased ask for a trial unit and you’ll see for yourself!

Here’s a summary table of our specs – it’s also available as a pdf (UDP Appliance At a Glance).