How is now being an independent company a good thing for support?

We can now build our systems and processes to focus only on our mid-market and SMB customers and partners. For these, the needs are  different from an enterprise client, which was the focus of former parent and not always the best fit.

As an enterprise customer, your job is to focus on that single product. In the case of  data protection with Arcserve, we see that managing the backups is a part time job for most people. The way they need to communicate with us is going to be through different channels. They are going to want to use the phone, there are going to be times where they want to use online chat, there are going to be times where you want to be able to just search the knowledge base at 2 in the morning.  To sum it up: we need to have these different ways to communicate with us available to them all the time. We stopped doing email support a number of years back because the thought was that enterprise customers want to speak to someone, so one of the first things we are doing is bringing it back as our customers and partners are demanding it. It’s all about giving our customers the flexibility to interact with us any way they want, whenever they want to.

What if someone in Germany needs support?

We have a great team in Germany and all around the world. We have engineers who also speak Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, etc. We are really a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week support team, supporting customers around the world in all these different languages. This makes the job exciting, and people want to speak with us all the time.

How will the new opportunities and tools benefit our support team?

The tools we use today and will be using in the future are completely different from what we had then (while being part of a large company). We have to get a lot more agile on how we do support , we need to get our customers to get to the  right engineer with that specific skillset the first time they come into support. We are heavily investing in our infrastructure to be able to do these things, and we are getting ready to launch our new system shortly. It has been an amazing and exhausting few months. I should have invested in energy drink stock before the divestiture, but we are all fired up to finally have the “handcuffs” off and begin delivering on our dreams.

Is there any way for newcomers to experience this?

We are about to start our beta and would love to get that feedback , if you want to participate head over here and register.  We made it very simple to get the information you need. We don’t have any fancy graphics, banners or any of the other stuff that I hate about other support sites and our current support site. We are totally pumped up about this and believe our customers and partners will also be as we roll these changes into production.

Jason Shangold, Vice President of Support, has been working for Arcserve, formally CA, for over 25 years with different leading roles such as leading the development team, product management, leading worldwide presales, to now focusing on his role of  providing an amazingly cool customer experience in every interaction.