As Arcserve continues down the path of independence, we are focused on building a successful model with our partners to create a loyal foundation that is a breeding ground for mutual business growth. The question is…what sets us apart? There’s a lot of noise amongst the data protection space. Companies need the assurance that their data is protected, that recovery is simple and that they can look upon their chosen vendor as a trusted adviser.

Below  are just a few ways Arcserve has made some recent noise:

  • We are pumping out new products to help our partners’ go-to-market with one, simple integrated solution.
  • We continue to listen to the marketplace and create features and functionality based on the demands of our customers. Check how Arcserve stacks up against the competition.
  • New partner programs – stay tuned!…Coming soon!

When I asked our premier partners what sets Arcserve apart from the rest, here is what they had to say:

  • “Since divesting from CA Technologies into their own independent company, Arcserve has done a terrific job in maintaining the trusted relationship with both their customers and partners. Leading the way with Unified Data Protection, Arcserve remains on track to become the most trusted name in the Data Protection market.”
  • “Arcserve fills the gaps where other software solutions cannot, and they do a great job of it. We would have a hole in our line of solutions without Arcserve. Even with many competitive solutions, Arcserve UDP is making waves with our customers.”
  • In a recent interview with Insight, an Arcserve partner, Jessie Wilson point out that, “the [Arcserve] portfolio is the most comprehensive on the market to address both RPO/RTO needs in a unified console with UDP.”

Offering a trusted relationship to our partners is a top priority for Arcserve. We want to stand out above the rest in terms of technology and innovation but most of all; our success depends on our partner’s success and their trust in Arcserve to help get them there.

The truth is in Arcserve’s technology and brand, but most of all; our trusted partnerships. Cheers to continued success together in 2015!