A German colleague recently sent me an interesting blog post from a niche player in the business. The theme sounded intriguing as I thought I could learn something:  “backup software leaders have lost touch with small business”..until I read it.  It was a feeble attempt at providing some insight into the market, and to add insult to injury, it was also grossly misleading about the Arcserve acquisition, its timing and  the market dynamics.  It clearly lacked the understanding of our product line-up and of our recent success and innovation with Arcserve UDP.  After all, we are now an independent company with one and only one focus which is  growth!  We are investing in our customers, our partner ecosystem and our technology and we’re in it to win it.

UDP is the only unified data protection platform that combines a great set of features with ease of use.  Many of our midmarket and SMB customers have embraced UDP already.  Some people still talk about backup, but that’s not what SMB or midmarket customers care about.  Our focus is data protection of course, but done in a way that simplifies deployment and use, and with a focus on data and system recovery.

But then it dawned on me that if this vendor is truly misunderstanding the market, then it has to be good news for us!  It’s sad for the company in question and its customers.  How are they going to get the solution they need?

I have an idea for them:  give us a call.

Now let’s see who’s really out of touch…