Today we catch up with Cheryl DeBella who runs the Arcserve customer success program.


Cheryl, can you describe the Customer Success Program?

We know our end-users like to hear from their peers, and what better way than success stories and case studies to showcase the real world success they achieve.

There are different levels that a customer can sign up for. This is to promote their success with these Arcserve products. They have the choice to let us use their logo, participate in a reference call, do a testimonial video, or they can make a statement or a “quote” about the product that we can use with their name and information. One important item is a case study where we build a report around the evolution of the partnership between this customer and Arcserve. Those are the primary pieces that go into the customer success program, but there are many more!


Why should customers care?

We are giving each customer something they may not be able to support in house, a “sales tool” if you will. The main benefits for our customers are as follows:

  • Increased visibility in the industry through press, analyst and marketing activities
  • Opportunities to highlight you/your own company as a thought leader and industry expert
  • Ability to share best practices for data protection with your peers
  • If you are a service provider leveraging Arcserve, a great way to communicate your value proposition to your customers

Also, if you are a partner, this is a great program for your customers to leverage.


Give me an example of a recent customer success story.

Eze Castle is an IT services company with over 350 employees specializing in providing IT management and cloud services for the investment industry. They use Arcserve D2D and Arcserve Replication to protect 80 terabytes of data on behalf of nearly 150 clients.

Timing was great, we were participating at VMworld and speaking to our new Arcserve UDP, and we were excited about the Eze Castle story. We were even more excited that they were able to join us at the booth and share their story with VMworld attendees that came by our booth.

If you want to read the full story, click here.


What would a customer need to do to enter this program?

It’s very simple. All the customer needs to do is simply reach out to their sales representative or myself ( For a case study, we then schedule one hour of their time to discuss their success with the product. A document would be sent to them beforehand, so they would know the questions that would be asked. Within 7 days, the first draft of the story would be sent to the customer for approval along with our legal form. All they would need to do then is sign, and we would publish their story on The customer is also free to do what they want with it once published! Success on both sides.

We really appreciate our customers’ support with these case studies and success stories. It is a testament to our partnership, and it really helps other customers get a sense of what they can do or should do with their data protection infrastructure.


Cheryl DeBella, Relationship Marketing Coordinator, is responsible for the customer success program. If you know of anyone interested in participating, please reach out to her at Cheryl has been with Arcserve, previously CA, for nearly 20 years. She has been a key contributor in running events, coordinating our Partner Summit in Miami and making our every day events successful.