On July 29, 2015 Microsoft announced the release of its flagship desktop operating system Windows 10. Windows 10 is familiar and easy to use with lots of similarities to Windows 7 including the Start menu. It starts up and resume fast, has more built-in security to help keep you safe, and is designed to work with software and hardware you already have.
The reception of Windows 10 has been excellent and to date over 20M customers have upgraded or installed Windows 10. Microsoft has made upgrading to Windows 10 free for all existing customers, so we can expect millions more customers to follow. This is good news for customers who are still running Windows XP or Windows 7/8. But this may not be good news for your organization. Are you ready to protect your company laptops and desktops running Windows 10?

Arcserve is proud to announce that it’s leading data protection solution Arcserve Backup v16.5 SP1 has completed full compatibility testing on Windows 10 and is ready to protect all of your valuable workstation data. Arcserve Backup is a comprehensive storage solution for applications, databases, distributed servers, and file systems. It provides backup and restore capabilities for databases, business-critical applications, and network clients. Among the compatible agents Arcserve Backup offers are a specific set of operating-system-based client agents.

Arcserve Backup R16.5 SP1 supports Windows 10 for the following components:

• Arcserve Backup Client Agent for Windows. Arcserve Backup Client Agent for Windows installs on the Windows 10 workstation and communicates with the backup server and lets you browse and select backup components.

• Arcserve Backup Agent for Open Files on Windows. Arcserve Backup Agent for Open Files on Windows solves the problem of accessing open files for backup allowing you to backup all files safely and consistently.

• Arcserve Backup for Windows Disaster Recovery Option. Arcserve Backup for Windows Disaster Recovery Option automatically generates and saves emergency data for each protected machine locally on the backup server. In the event of a disaster, the option can recover its protected computers to their most recent backup state.
For Windows 10 support you require Arcserve Backup R16.5 SP1 with patches RO75130 and RO75131 installed.

For complete information about Arcserve Backup R16.5, documentation, software compatibility and software patches visit Arcserve Support Home.