The last few months, Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP) has become an international assured recovery solution of mystery. Most people will know what Arcserve’s legacy is, but few know it has moved beyond just mere physical backup and into the realm of virtual protection. All of this technology stems from one centralized console; it’s a stealthy operative to have in your IT arsenal.

Just like the evolution of James Bond throughout the years, Arcserve has also been making moves and assuming different roles. From the original Sean Connery, to the caricature Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and finally to the most recent Daniel Craig, the films bring what the audience wants. That’s what makes Arcserve so similar to our beloved Ian Fleming character, is its adaptation to its audience as the years go by. We know our audience is moving their physical backup strategy to a new virtualized environment and need VMware Data Protection to boot.

VMware Data protection is a key feature we’re often asked about. Similar to the way Bond has to discretely infiltrate enemy territory to get the job done, Arcserve UDP effectively backups up your data without the need to install software agents on each VM. Fewer agents mean a more effective single-pass backup of all Windows and Non-Windows VMs. Unlike 007, Arcserve UDP will not complicate a critical backup mission; no explosions, no villainous henchmen kidnappings, and no car chases will occur. Sorry to disappoint, it’s there to get the job done as smoothly as possible.

Taking a page from Bond’s go to gadget man, Q, Arcserve UDP has a few tricks up its sleeve. Along with the agentless single-pass backups to all of your VMs, the software will auto-discover all of the VMs on a target hypervisor, comes integrated with VMware vStorage APIs, backs up in blocks, and easily recovers individual files and folders from within each VM all from a the centralized console. Who doesn’t like gadgets like this when it comes down to protecting your VMware?

In the end, Arcserve UDP will not leave you feeling shaken or stirred when protecting your VMware data.