Featured in Dataversity: Next Generation Data Storage at Petabyte Scales

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'Seven years ago, the petabyte was pretty much the exclusive realm of very, very, very, large enterprises, like Citibank or Boeing,' said Shridar Subramanian, VP Product and Marketing at StorageCraft, but petabyte-sized data sets are now becoming more common with smaller companies. Over time, more companies in the mid-sized enterprise space, and more importantly, companies in the small and mid-sized business segment, are getting inundated with these petabyte-sized data sets.

In response to this massive influx of data, companies are now wisely doing away with silos, in order to create a more converged infrastructure. This can contribute to a seamless environment across layers of Data Management so that data can move easily and be backed up easily, he said, and a converged structure provides an opportunity to look at which data really needs to be protected and how to go about tiering, etc.  

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